Continuing study with Michael Heiser with permitted limited references from his book: THE UNSEEN REALM.

Psalm 82: focusing on verses 1 and 2, for now.

Michael Heiser writing on pg 27 of his book. You see why the psalm threw me for a loop. The first verse has God presiding over an assembly of gods. Doesn’t that sound like a pantheon—or something we associate with polytheism and mythology? For that very reason, many English translations obscure the Hebrew in this verse. For example, the NASB translates it as “God takes his stand in his congregation; He judges in the midst of the rulers” ( Frank Payton says) “Honestly, does this translation sound/ represent the intended meaning on the original Hebrew? … I say no, and so do many other scholars much more learned than I.

Observation by Frank: I am sure, I am not the first person to “read between the lines of some translations” and like others, believe that scholars of the past have ( whether intentional or not) had a habit of “protecting people” from the truth in the plain simplicity of the gospel. Perhaps because they feel like *they (*scholars, translators) are not adequate in explaining the full meaning, or that people in general, are not able to handle the original meaning found in Hebrew … Michael Heiser further says: “There is no need to camouflage what the Hebrew text says. People shouldn’t be protected from The Bible. The Bible writers were not polytheists.

For now, it’s sufficient that we see clearly, the “sons of God” are divine beings under the authority of the God of Israel.–5.

5. Paraphrased … God rules over all things. Michael Heiser will be referring to the “divine council worldview” of the biblical writers. This phrase and others like it refer to God’s rule over all things, visible or invisible, through his intelligent agents– his imagers– both human and non-human. MORE COMING SOON. ( Do yourself a favor and go buy his book) .. Heiser’s book is complete and superb in its self. I “post this way” to interject my personal experience, which I believe will add to the reader’s understanding, and mine.

Gods beauty everywhere.

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