We are God’s imagers. (The meaning of the preposition with respect to the phrase “in the image of God.”) The meaning of the Hebrew preposition translated ‘in’, (Genesis 1:26) Humankind was created ‘as’ God’s image. If we think of imaging as a verb or function, that translation makes sense. We are created to image God, to be his imagers. It is what we are by definition. ( Michael Heiser.)

The image is not an ability we have, but a status. We are God’s representatives on earth. To be human is to image God. NEXT : GOD’S TWO FAMILY- HOUSEHOLD COUNCILS.

The plurals of Genesis1: 26 and the change to singular in the next verse, 27. ( keep in mind as you study) pg 43, Michael Heiser’s book — The Unseen Realm. Humankind was created by God to function as his administrators on earth. But he has also created other ‘elohim’ of the unseen realm. They are also like him. They carry out his will in that realm, acting as his representatives. They are his heavenly council in the unseen world. We are God’s council and administration in this realm. Consequently, the plurals inform us that both gods’ families — the human and the nonhuman– share imaging status, though the realms are different. As in heaven, so on earth.

The fall did not alter God’s plans. Eventually, God would decide to tabernacle within humans through his spirit. Language describes believers as ‘sons or children of God’ ( John 1:12) or as “adopted” into God’s family. Neither is accidental or pragmatic. It reflects the original version of Genesis. Once we are glorified the two councils — families will be one — in a new Eden. We will discover more about all those themes as we proceed. This is what Eden was about. “as in heaven, so on earth.” The original intent becomes even clearer when we understand the ancient conception of Eden.

Ref: pg 43, The Unseen Realm. Comments by Frank Payton, “Wow! hats off to Mr. Michael Heizer. What a scholar” … As we venture into different areas of study, I want to highly recommend some writers. If you care to find revelation knowledge of a higher degree, I highly recommend the following writers … Michael Heizer, Jonathan Cahn, Erwin W. Lutzer, E.W. Bullinger, Bill Gillham, Dennis G. Lindsay. I Frank Payton am doing what I was called to do: share my experience. It has been a very tough and controversial road to get where I am, but I am finding it to be worth it, and the rewards are more spiritual than anything else. Hello to my loves, Mizuho P., Lauren M., and Ari’el P., also Aja …”God’s peace to you four miracles … Final thoughts this evening. I believe God is revealing things to humanity, that have never been revealed before, never been understood. I also believe that God is calling us to total dependence on Him. I believe he has various ways of producing this dependence on Him. This may sound a little unfamiliar to you, but if you are “called” you will hear His voice, God says “My sheep hear my voice.” John 10: 27-28. If you aren’t hearing His voice maybe it’s time to bow the knee, and as they say down south, “Walk the dirt road and get right.”

This Is The Picture … Peter Gabriel.

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