SEMINOLEE ROAD ... SEMINOLEE ROAD, sitting on a commode, up on seminolee road … gruntin’, snortin’ and twistin’ … trying to drop a load … trying to pinch a loaf up on seminolee road.

Sittin’ there in that outhouse … It weren’t much of an abode … I opened up the poop house door, and there sat a giant toad … he shot his tongue at me and snatched a fly off of my nose …

Seminoles Road … way up on the mountainside … Lots of critters running around at night, some really strange sounds abide … Shinin’ out my flashlight … glowin’ eyes, open wide … If you want to leave the city and take a real nice ride … head up to Seminolee Road … Where the mountain folk reside.

Just off Seminolee Rd … Appalachian Trail.

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