My having lived 66 years on this earth, knowing all along that I would not live forever; (this realization haunted me) not in this flesh realm anyway. Experiencing all along, the beauty, the tragedy that comes with living this life. Specifically, feeling love, and then realizing that hate exists. Finding love and losing it. Having wonderful laughter-filled relationships and watching them go sour over misunderstandings and differences of beliefs and opinions, you know, the stuff of life.

Having experienced the different types of love that are found in this life. My not surprisingly finding unconditional love in my creator God but surprisingly finding it in really one other form and that is the animal kingdom, namely dogs.

Over the years people making comments like “the more I’m around people, the more I love my dogs. I find this to be very peculiar yet understandable. As I have gone on living this life and matured in my awareness of what I believe “the purpose of this ( at least my life) to be.” I find a deep hope and belief in the wonder, peace, and potential, that living ‘an eternal life will bring. Free of death, rid of all the despair, disappointment, the loss, that comes with living in this fallen state. Free of being caught up in the struggle between good and evil, God and the devil. Eventually being out from under the pressure of feeling like this life is a test and I must choose who I will serve either God or the devil. Learning and IMHO, the parallels that are in motion between God’s heavenly family ( “His heavenly family from the beginning, ref Psalm 82:1- 4 also *Genesis ) and the family being created on earth. A family being created and gleaned/sifted from those that have lived this flesh blood and bone existence through all of human history. * Genesis 1: 26.

“Pray, continue.” you quite possibly might be saying at this moment in our exchange. ( In passing, “Pray, continue” is one of my favorite lines from the great Sherlock Holmes movies.) Typically found in scenes where the crime is being elaborated by a witness.

So, I will continue by saying that after weighing everything out that I have experienced in this lifetime; I stand loving the potential of what life can be as originally intended by my creator… I look forward to the culmination of this age. I look forward to the promise that Satan will be gone forever. I especially look forward to the “learning” that is promised after the earth goes through the horrific, prophesied coming tribulation. The one thousand year light of Christ in the coming millennium. The arrival of the prophesied, promised, “the new holy city of Jerusalem”, where Christ will reign. The abundant life is coming. I want that, how about you?

Ari’el, The Lion of God.

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