There have been major misunderstandings from the beginning, some things need to be clarified such as Reference: *Michael Heizer’s book, The Unseen Realm, pgs. 58-59. But first, consider — (Frank’s comments in quotes ) — “Oftentimes we have to go back to beginnings to understand endings; such is the case with the ‘Garden of Eden’. Sometimes, especially in this life, where we humans are caught up in a struggle between good and evil; it’s not easy to see when you have been led down a rabbit hole, lied to, or misinformed from the start.” continuing, “Often, especially in the case of biblical study, a bad translation or a poor transliteration could be because of someone’s agenda. Then again, we have to remember that the English language is not very conducive in the translation of ancient languages such as Hebrew and Aramaic.”

With the above statements as a backdrop, I’ll get to Michael Heizer’s point, (with which I agree) * God-created humankind to extend Eden over all the earth. That’s what the commands of Genesis 1:28, collectively referred to by theologians as the dominion mandate, are about.

Humanity was to multiply, steward the creation, and govern on God’s behalf. The goal was to care for the earth and harness its gifts for the betterment of fellow humans or (*imagers), all the while enjoying the presence of God.

As discussed on pg 58. We saw earlier that “the image of God” is not an attribute or ability. Rather it is a status conferred by God on all humans, “that of representing God. ( be an *imager of God)” Pgs. 58 and 59 must be read for a complete analysis … More coming soon.

10 Dwarf Alberta Spruces …

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