Please reference pg 59 of Michael Heizer’s book, The Unseen Realm.

What happens in this postfall world varies from person to person. In our experience, humans have widely differing abilities. Some never see birth due to natural death or abortion. Others manifest in their bodies the effects of a world that isn’t Eden. Some human beings have severe mental and physical defects that impede or prevent representing God according to the original vision. And even if we are blessed with what we consider normal health, we’re all subject to disease, injury, aging, and the weakness of a world subject to corruption. But imaging is bound to our humanity. Regardless of ability or stage, human life is sacred precisely because we are the creatures of God put on Earth to represent him. Humans who survive birth without suffering severe impairment however can represent God as originally attended. They do so by means of a spectrum of abilities we have as humans. These abilities are part of our being like God. They are attributes we share with God, such as intelligence and creativity. The attributes God shared with us are the means to imaging, not the image status itself. Imaging status and our attributes are related but not identical concepts. Note: My purpose in writing this is to share something with all that are seeking to know the truth. “Truth” in this culture we currently live in seems to be a rare and unpopular inconvenient ( to some) commodity. Sincerely, Frank P. Also, this effort on my part, is to those of you who will never get around to reading something I view as critically important. Thanks to Michael Heizer for allowing quotes.

Princess Aja.

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