( I remember a band from the seventies, named RARE EARTH, This band is not what this post is about.) Although it would be interesting.

IS OUR HOME “EARTH” actually a rarity in the cosmos? … To counter this claim to the rarity of our earth, some scientists put forth; that with the telescopes and equipment we have currently, we have looked upon only approximately 4% of the known universe. This is a reasonable claim on their part, to assume that there might be extraterrestrial life out there. The first question that comes to my mind is if there is a duplicate or an “earth-like planet”, why might it be so far away? … And at this point, I won’t digress any farther than saying this one thing: Could all of the UFO “activity” that seems to be picking up in occurrence, be “aliens”, but in a different sense of the word “alien”? Through my “standing on the shoulders” of some great biblical scholars and in my humble opinion; these aliens could quite possibly be “fallen angels” from the first earth age. That “Age” being the one that occurred in Genesis 1 verse 1 and before the current earth age we live in, starting in Genesis 1 verse 2. (This is a study in itself called gap theory which I will not elaborate on, you can find it in some of my previous posts.)

Thinking along these lines today as I was walking the Appalachian Trail, in beautiful Virginia. A sense of wonder and contemplation came over me, as I was breathing in the wonderfully cool mountain air, asking God to illuminate my mind. Now readers, I want you to know that I have thought along these lines many times, but have never attempted to put what I am going to say now into words.

I was just strolling along up the trail, looking at the beautiful trees, the beautiful foliage, the beautiful mountain flowers … Occasionally the scent of a possible nearby wild animal wafting up my nose. ( the air smelled of horses, or maybe black bear.) My wonderful dog Princess Aja, her nose sniffing about, confirming my suspicion. We never physically saw anything but the scents were kind of exhilarating. This experience coupled with what is experienced at 2000 feet up in this location; that is, a beautiful day that was a combination of fall and spring. My kind of day.

My thoughts continued to explode: As I looked around with a sense of childlike wonder and sense of amazement, it dawned on me that everything on this earth is nicely planned out. I want to say that I’m speaking of the earth itself and all of its functions and provisions. I would have to stretch it out to the entire universe, but I want to talk about the earth for now. From just thinking about things like our “Sun”, the moon, the tides, the day after day order of systems; the sheer exact calculations of science, that in my opinion, could only have been accomplished by a wonderful loving “intelligent” God. Of course, I realize the evolutionists would have “otherwise” to say, They’re entitled to their opinion. one question I’ve always wanted to ask the evolutionist is where did all of earth’s water come from? One friend in my past said, that during the Big Bang Theory, all of the water was pushed out of the rocks … Go figure. So … It seems to me that it is obvious that God, thinking of human beings and animals has created the earth, a beauty beyond imagination. Also what I view as something very beautiful dawned on me; imagine a God that can create the universe with “man’s perspective in mind” what things would look like from our vantage point, all of this taken into consideration just blows my mind … Joy awaits you, stop! … take a few deep breaths … and consider what I’m relaying. Stop and smell the proverbial mountain flowers … Ah!


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