Hi neighbor, remember me, Melvin? my mama bought me a new Bicycle, but it’s at home because it’s raining today. So I’m out walking around in my trusty rubbers, looking for puddles jump around in. I’ve thinking about something that my mama said to me this morning about life. She made the comment because I said to her last night that people seem to be so mean and angry and unhappy a lot of times. I asked her why was that? … She told me that when people turn into adults they have to take on responsibility and a lot of times there’s pressure that comes with it, to succeed. She says the thing for me to remember was to always keep it simple, and try to always see through the eyes of the child that I am, even when I get older. Well bye, it looks like the sun is coming out, maybe I can go get my bicycle.

Appalachian Trail, Va.

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