Free fall

It was talked about as the grand excursion … the place where people returned with wind chimes and magnificent stories having travelled around the world Some came back missing an eye, a toe, an auto… some even a penis, But it’s the stuff that dreams are made of the magnitude of which we can’t begin to explore … Like one time this person told of seeing a cow jumping over the moon and she said she waited for 3 days to hear a thud of the falling COW but never actually heard anything and was so distraught that she plucked her eye out and ate it … That’s only one story, Some strange people think because they do something in the dead of dark no one can see only God can see them but this is probably true and it’s quite contrary, Otherwise if you do you’ll be perceived as a candidate to go to institution where you experience things beyond the government…People mumbling and grumbling and walking around uttering a kind of nonsense, at all hours of the night.. 20 TV channels… eating and drinking them were schlepping around… One time I had a dream that I was walking on top of the Earth in outer space over a clear sheet of what seems to be glass, there I ran like a hamster running… And looking at everything all around me it was quite a view quite spectacular.


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