My country what’s up with thee what happened to all my liberties? Freedom no longer rings Government tracks me by my phone, advertisers and big tech won’t leave me alone, I just want to throw my phone, to the bottom of the sea.

My country has legalized weed now we got everything we need, Joe Biden pays me not to work Don’t see how I can call him a jerk With all these government perks. Heck, you can have my guns.

My country, what’s up with thee? China owns us all it seems, Freedom has left the scene, land where Obama lied, Donald Trump he surely tried, Kamala lurking in the White House wings, can’t wait to get her hands on things.

So, my country what’s up with thee? So what if education is free. I don’t need a better job, I can stay home and be a slob, because the government pays me more.

The land where Joe Biden lied, now even our election system is fried, freedom has taken wing. My country what have you got left to offer, when we elect to office someone like Maxine Waters? Yet, we’re gonna’ build back better? COME ON MAN!

My country, what’s up with thee?

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