IF EACH OF YOU, AR’IEL, LAUREN, my son and daughter will sincerely seek after your creator; I assure you, I promise both of you, that He will most beautifully reveal Himself.

And, as He is revealing Himself to you, through his Word and quite possibly physical manifestation ( in some form); He shall become a treasure of riches beyond anything this earthly realm can offer. This includes His promise of eternal life, and for lack of a better way to say it, an eternity ( with Him, including) lifetimes to enjoy. I have found it challenging to get my finite mind around some eternal matters, but my inability to conceptualize these things does not make them any less true.

I fear that I have been the worst of examples in presenting the Christian life. Then again, I have not tried to mask the struggles that a Christian goes through. Regretfully, but drenched in realism, I know that I have shown you how horrible a human being can be; though quite possibly at the same time, showing you how genuinely loving a person can be. I hope so anyway. Should our Lord call me home before I have a chance to say final farewells; please know that I will be waiting in paradise for both of you … You’re earthly father, Frank. Ari’el, please love and with God’s tender mercies, “reach” for your sweet mother, Mizuho, she is gold. I failed in reaching her, “familiarity breeds contempt.” Written this late hour May 21, 2021, peace.

The other side awaits…

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