Hi, this is Melvin again, we met recently in the neighborhood. I love the mountain life up on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. As you know, I love to share some of the things that me and my mama talk about. I want to share with you a conversation or two that my mom and I had, just today. First, I finally asked mama about a framed quote, that she has hanging in our kitchen. Turns out, it’s from a young man that became popular in the sixties by the name of Jim Morrison. He was the lead singer for a band called the Doors. Anyway, the quote in the frame says, “I love the friends that I’ve gathered together on this thin raft.” I never understood what that means, so I finally asked mama about it, and she explained. She said she thought what it means was, that Jim was referring to the earth’s crust as being a thin raft, that all of us humans are kind of floating around on. I liked that idea, Seemed like a different but cool way to look at things. Later on, I had some questions about money that went something like this. I asked my mama about a conversation that happened at school with some of my friends. She ‘aksed’ me what my question was. I said we were wondering about the government paying people not to work, and just stay at home. That didn’t seem right to me because I immediately thought about my father. My father had been gone for one month because he went to take work down South, at a construction job to get money for us. So I really didn’t understand why people could just stay home and get money when my dad was working so hard, and even sacrificing being with his family. I need him and miss him sometimes. My mom went on to explain to me but I’m not sure I understand. The money that the government prints isn’t worth anything, only the “say so” of our government. She said that the government seems out of control and doesn’t seem to know how to manage money whatsoever. ( The national debt is astronomical.) So being the sharp little fellow that I am told I am; I asked my mama, “if the money is not real or valuable, why is it a debt?” She said, “these days the government seems to make its own rules as it goes along. I said, ” that doesn’t seem right. She said, Well Melvin, maybe one day you can grow up and be a Congressman or a Senator, that’s why I always tell you to do good in school. Melvin replied, “I like that idea.”

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