Little did we know, as we sat in our third-grade classroom on that fateful November day being November 22nd,1963. I looked up and the time on our Pimmit Hills Elementary School’s clock was approximately 1: 25 pm. I will never forget as I was sitting in the front row, then suddenly, sharply, the big wooden door opened to our classroom and in strolled my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Gibbons. She clutched a tissue up to her crying eyes as she chokingly said, “The president has been shot.” She was an older lady with grey hair, she wore wire-rimmed glasses and seemed to always have a dreary grey-looking button-up dress on with black shoes ( To me, she looked more like she should be teaching “Shop”.) She was nice enough, I guess. That was, until the day, John Cole who was sitting just a few seats over to my left made a smart alec remark to Mrs. Gibbons. She darted over to him as he had his head down and didn’t see her coming,and sunk her fingernails into his arm. She dug into John, as he threw up his arm in pain to try and get her hand off of him. John did this with such force it laid Mrs. Gibbons thumb totally out of joint on her hand. She ran screaming out of the room. All of us students sat there with our mouths hanging wide open. Little did we know.

We Elementary School kids carried memories of being lined up in the halls or ducking under our desks during air raid practices. At the time we thought it was fun because it was a diversion … I think we learned in middle school or maybe the first year of high school what The Cuban Missile Crisis was all about.”Little did we know” the dangerous world we were entering into. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t have any recollection of being prepared for the horrors that were coming. I guess much like the era that was brought in by by Barack Obama and continued now by Joe Biden, which is to “do as your told, not as you might see them doing.” What a disaster, these two and many others unleashed on United States, little did we know. But now we know.

By horrors I mean, The United States deciding to kick God out of the school curriculum in the 1960s. By horrors, I mean the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 paving the way for some 60 million abortions that would happen from 1973 to roughly 2015. “Little did we know” that we had been born just prior to the decision, “making abortions legal.” We also didn’t know until much later the impact this would really have and its social implications. Little did we know the psychological horrors that awaited a lot of women. ( I’m painting with a broad tipped brush, I realize that there are/ were in many occasions, when a woman may have been fully morally correct in having an abortion), that is not for me to speculate or comment on right now.

Little did we know what was really going on behind the scenes with the hippie movement. Little did we know that these same hippies were exposing our “precious government” for the den of thieves that they really were. Sending our young men off to fight wars such as Vietnam, that they had no intention or little intention of winning. (Sadly having accurate daily body bag counts was important,$$$) making money at the expense of our youth, seemed to be their agenda through promoting war. and what really freaked me out at one point, was learning as I got older, that our government a lot of times would seemingly instigate a war to achieve their agenda and would actually fund both sides. Little did we know what was coming.

Little did we know that as early as the late forties and early fifties, there was a plan ( which was constructed much earlier) by the Communists to infiltrate, subvert, and eventually overthrow the United States government. Has anyone ever heard of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto? … the real whammy is not only do we have the Communists to deal with, we have U.S. government infiltrated by Muslim Jihadists. We have approximately five people known to have affiliations with Muslim terrorist organizations serving in our Congress. ( serving who, pray tell?) namely THE SQUAD. Fortunately, of late, there are those rising on the right to be leaders in the Congress and the Senate to take on these dirty filthy devilish warlocks and witches. Should you think my language is off, do you have any idea what is said behind closed doors, away from the microphones and lights, by top Government officials and others? My language is as innocent as a choir boy’s, compared to them. I know, I grew up eight miles from Washington DC, in Northern Virginia, N. Va. now mainly a bleeding heart liberal regressive progressive agenda supporting cesspool.

Little did we know, until much later, the actual effect of the 60s and 70’s that the extremely high drug use by the youth of our country would have. Drug cartels had already been and were being formed across the world. Our government seemed to have little power to stand against them and probably a lot of our officials were secretly in support making money on the side, lots of money. Much like some of our current dark politicians that are in bed with the Chinese, getting God-awful amounts of money hidden in secret bank accounts.( J.Kerry, H. Biden?)… LITTLE DID WE KNOW, BUT WERE LEARNING.

Let’s skip all the highlight real of the eighties, nineties and early 2000’s. But’s let’s not overlook the attack of 9/11. Now please, I understand that many of you may have a different worldview, but I have a Christian worldview. A lot of very intelligent competent “learned” wisdom filled people believe that 911 was a warning from God; based on many things, but mainly on God’s dealings with the nation of Israel. The United States would be sorely mistaken to overlook our ties and similarities to Israel. Of course I’m speaking of America’s founding. Little did we know. I think a lot of us are still in the dark as to

prophecies that will be fulfilled with or without us. But then again I would never expect that kind of wisdom to be known by the powers in Washington DC. Even if they did know, their hands would be tied to actually do anything about it.It’s going to be what is going to be.

So to conclude for now, though we as young children enjoyed the times of the “post World War II United States escalation into world power; little did we know how precious our freedoms were, our summers filled with sports and chasing girls, our winters filled with sleigh riding and Christmas magic. Little did we know how short-lived it all would be. I guess I still hold on to some glimmer of hope for my children, but that is waning.

Along the Shenandoah River close to Front Royal, Va.

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