Oh well, I’ve been told that I’ve been stinkin’ about as bad as old Abe lincoln … He’s been rotting in the ground and we haven’t heard a word not a sound, he just has not been around.

All those beautiful speeches that Abe had said … Still Booth put a bullet in his head … Knocked him right off his feet, but now hes dreaming sweet.

Old Abe, I want to tell you what I’ve been thinkin’, tbough as bad as I’ve been stinkin’… I consider it an honor to smell as bad as someone like you.

Now, I know that someone is thinking, I’m surely disrespecting old Abe Lincoln, but I assure you that I’m not, he really did a lot. He’s been sitting so long in DC for all to come and see, I’m sure he’s had enough of it, one day he’ll stand up and walk away, then people will scream and say, dear Abe don’t go away. Sit back and take a snooze and we will shine your shoes.

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