Dear God Of Our Fathers, majestic YHWH, mighty Elohim, Who is like You? … Who is greater than You? no one … not one. There is no other!

Father, thank You, that I’m not some shelved forgotten disappointing project, that was happily started and then shelved by You, due to my failures.

Thank You also for teaching me, that You don’t operate “that” way. Having said that, I understand You have your limits and boundaries in struggling with mankind. I’m thinking of a scripture where it states, we are to forgive our brothers and sisters 70 × 7 times. I learned that this is a “figure of speech”and that it doesn’t literally mean, forgive your brothers and sisters 490 times, and that’s it. It means however many times it takes to be right with your brothers and sisters, if they are willing and sincere.

Thank You, for helping us with our troubles and struggles when we are dealing with the world, the flesh, and the devil. Thanks, that You also seem to allow crisis to come into our lives, to teach us a vital point, an important lesson. Thank You for teaching me that Your chastisement of us, does not mean that You are a “mean father”… but quite the contrary, that You care and love your children. What a different culture we might have today, if people weren’t so busy being politically correct, easily offended, and they understood some of these foudational spiritual truths.

Thank You for Your long-suffering and tender mercies towards Your created beings. Thank You for loving us, our hideous warts and all. Lord, I hope I am not out of line when I say … I hope for the completion of Your body ( all believers in You) here on earth. Come soon, Oh Lord, come soon. All of creation is moaning for You.

That’s a lot of “You’s”… At least it wasn’t ” me, me, me.”

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