Nachash – Hebrew for snake. We have not studied Hebrew near close enough. If we think a “talking snake” deceived Adam-and-Eve in the garden of Eden, was a mere snake, we are in for a big surprise: Hebrew term: nacash – serpent – Concept : word play, triple entendre : image of serpent ( divine throne guardian, information from divine realm ( divination) shining appearance associated with divinity, hmm, could this be Satan?! — Gen 3: 1-2, 4, 13- 14…” English: to use divination, give omens, ( to Eve, contradicting God, Satan said: You will not surely die”

Hebrew term: chawat– “serpent” Ezrkiel 28: 12. Hebrew term: helel ben – shachar — “shining one, son of the dawn” Concept: shining appearance associated with divinity … Is a 14: 12 … Ezek 28: 13 (gems)

( After the fall, though humankind was estranged from God and no longer immortal, the plan of God was not extinguished. Genesis three tells us why we die, why we need redemption and salvation, and why we cannot save ourselves. It also tells us that God’s plan has only been delayed — not defeated — and that the human story will be both a tragic struggle and a miraculous, providential saga. **But the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. (* if you don’t see it, you are spiritually asleep) … *I have come to help wake you. ** So evident by the current Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. WOKE TO THAT! Ref: THE UNSEEN REALM: Michael Heizer, pgs. 89 – 91 …”other” by me, Frank. Here is a nice lead into Revelation knowledge, Comment: Nothing against a lot of local churches but you won’t get this there. IMHO, that is, God bless em’ anyway. I have learned that a lot of times, well meaning men/ pastors/ teachers, get caught up in their own flesh and agenda, and don’t even know they’ve strayed away from what is typically a challenging search for the truth. Stay away from the “traditions of men” and don’t get too comfortable, the ride is going to get rough. Don’t get thrown out of the rollercoaster. Call me Jeremiah,( and I’m no Jeremiah, by the way) but it’s getting late.

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