It’s time for a little bit of explaining, and insight into my writing. This post was prompted by my daughter “L” making a statement that went something like this … “Does your mind ever rest?” I couldn’t give a definitive answer. Yet, here is some insight. I guess the best way to give a summary right at the beginning is, I don’t choose to write. Words, ideas, and development of such, seem to pop into my head, As the English would say, “Willie Nilly or Serendipity.” Then as I thought about it, I realized ‘that’ wasn’t much of an answer, it was really kind of evasive on my part. Here’s what I can share with you beyond the fact that I believe my writing is a gift from God. At least in the sense of pointing people to the importance of God’s word, because my words cannot hold a candle for God’s words to shine in. Nevertheless, I have developed from pure poetry to political satire, to comedy, onto pretty deep biblical studies. To be honest, I think I have at least a small ‘play’ in me somewhere, sometimes.

I wrote some chicken scratch in my teenage years that was really just a bunch of disjointed nonsense. As I got heavily into music and art in my early twenties, the writing started to develop. Then as I became a deeper fan of literature and further was influenced by music ( The band “Yes” was crucial, I loved Jon Andersons style.)

To put my writing experience in terms that the natural mind can understand, I will say this … My five senses have developed into antennae, my mind, a searcher and processor for words to explain sensory activity.

So, my antennae go up and I start receiving … Sometimes absorbing for short periods, although everything develops almost instantaneously now. I get inspiration from nominal or what might be viewed as nominal unimportant observations and experiences. Sometimes I write in the spirit, sometimes I stoop to the depths of my flesh, but I try to limit it … Clean it up before presentation, while not sacrificing the message. When writing on biblical subjects, I’m trying to explain some of the things I deem as crucial to understanding the truth of Christianity. It’s a different type of writing. I sincerely ask God to illuminate my mind and we go from there. And in case you’re wondering how can I write about things in the spirit and things in things of the flesh, my response is rather simple. I don’t want to act as a filter over what naturally comes through, I feel it might quash my entire process, so I just let it flow. I also sincerely believe that I don’t care to preach at people with controversial, sometimes troubling biblical studies, ( the world is full of controversy) although I think there is a lot of teaching that needs to take place, that is not happening in the local church or elsewhere. So I have a burden in that sense. I understand the process, it’s quite simple, God blesses me, so I can bless others. Otherwise, my gift doesn’t make any sense to me. Hope this is a help to those with inquiring minds.

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