There is nothing wrong with your phone or your ipad … Do not touch those keys, do not scroll up or down … For the next few minutes tune in to this post. “Excuse me, I’m mainly a product of the seventies and just remembered a show called the “Outer Limits”… as I thought about this writing effort.

Psalm 8:5 — Hebrews 2 — We humans are made a little lower than the angels. There are a couple of main schools of thought as to how these scriptures should be accurately interpreted but I don’t want to talk about that right now.

Here is what I do want to talk about. Please think about this carefully. Thinking back to the account of Genesis when God said “Let us make man in our image, our likeness. Some things come to mind. We, humans, our creation follows the triune example of God /Elohim … We humans follow this example of the Elohim, in that we have a body, soul, and spirit. The question that keeps coming up in my spirit is, why do we have to endure this flesh blood, and bone existence? I think the answer has been possibly overlooked, though it is right in front of our faces. If we are made in the image of God and I believe we are; scripture claims that we are born with a body and a soul … The soul is our mind, will, and emotions, our personalities. Having a body is obvious. ( God’s spirit “was” in us, prior to the fall. Since the fall, all born in Adam-and-Eve have a dead spirit.) What is not so obvious and is controversial depending on your belief system is this. According to God and scripture, human beings ( since Adam and Eve) are born with a dead spirit as I mentioned. Dead to God, God is not in them or them in Him. Dead because of the spiritual fall in the garden of Eden, due to Satan Adam-and-Eve. Get it, Got it? Good…

Understanding this, brings us to another scripture: John 3:1-21. You must be born again, or born from above. This must happen if we want to be reestablished with God and have his spirit return to us, that was lost.

“So I thought about this hundreds of times throughout my life of 66 years, here is what I have come to most likely believe. This life must surely be a test, now “we” don’t know if we were part of the rebellion (as spiritual beings, refer to the potential interpretation of *Jeremiah 1:1) of Revelation 12, in the first earth age ,that age having been destroyed, See 2 Peter 3:5-6. *This scripture is where God says to Jeremiah, that before I formed you in the womb, I knew you … So the controversy in this is, how did God know Jeremiah before he created him? … did he see everything that Jetemiah would do in his life?, or did he know him as an entity, a spiritual being in the first earth age? ( Jeremiah being justified by choosing God in the rebellion, then sent to this earth as age as a prophet) If so, does this knowing a person “before forming them in the womb” apply to all humans, living the flesh, blood and bone existence of this earth age? To bring this to a potential logical deduction; is this life a test to see who we will serve? The thought being, that God did not want to destroy those that rebelled against Him in the first earth age of Revelation 12, but wanted to give them another chance. There is a school of thought that there is so much evil in the world right now, because all of these souls that possibly were part of the rebellion currently living in these latter days, that’s why there is so much trouble; because they have made their decision in this life and it is not for God. So the battle rages on.

I know this is controversial at the best, and stuff from the outer limits at the worst. Having said that, I have studied the subject of earth ages for many years. Something else to factor in considering all this is, the scriptural support of giants having lived in the first earth age which would explain a lot of the so-far unexplained phenomena such as Aliens, UFOs, Pyramids Megaliths, Monoliths, and the like. There is heavy-duty support in scripture that fallen angels (sons of God) who left their original abode, came to earth and mated with the (daughters of men), creating Nephilim, or giants. Perhaps the next time we visit the “outer limits”, we will talk more about the Nephilim, the sons of God, and the daughters of men. You may now return back to the heavy barrage of advertising, that is waiting on your phone.

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