Some things need to be addressed, especially concerning biblical studies.

I am not quite sure, but hopeful that all of you have experienced something similar to this. “I have found that no human being has cornered the market on God and and/or interpretation of His Word”. The guidance of the Holy Spirit requires extreme dedication on the human beings part. It is easy for men to go astray with their own traditions and interpretations, especially those passed down through the centuries. I won’t retell the story but I hope that most of you know… that God is found in His “still small voice.” Having said that, I would also like to say that God is not necessarily in the wind, the rain, the lightning, or the catastrophe, he does not require such things.

I comment on this subject having experienced the need to study with and in Hebrew traditions and scholars. (Deception being rampant, especially in what is considered to be “these” last days.) The times were different then, the people were different, everything was different. To capture what was taking place “then” and convert it to English is a daunting task to say the least and condiderably lacking. Did you know that the original King James version has a disclaimer with it from the interpreters, the translators, the linguists, that goes something like this: ‘We’ have done the best that we can do, converting Hebrew and Greek to English. The more problematic challenging language being Hebrew. The English language is just not accommodating.

To further those that are interested in enlightenment concerning this subject; read everything by Jonathan Cahn. Read everything by Michael Heiser, especially Heiser’s, The Unseen Realm. Start reading Jonathan Cahn with “Harbinger”

Study on from there, Sincerely, Cleetus A. Mundingus, a friend of Frank Payton.

If you want an example of my concern, study very closely: Psalm 82. Study the first usage of the word, “Elohim” then the second use of “Elohim” in the next line… Bye for now, Cleetus.

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