This subject is kind of uncomfortable for me to elaborate on, but here goes. It’s uncomfortable because I fear I will be viewed as selfish and non appreciative. I am neither.

God knows my heart, which I will try to unveil, unpack, reveal to a certain degree.

I will lovingly and appreciatively accept the number of days God has given on my calendar of life. Having said that and hopefully, without being repulsive and offensive to God, I would say this also. My secret heart of hearts is to leave this flesh blood and bone earth suit and go on to the promised resurrected body that God hopefully has for me. I have mentioned and expressed my condemnation of self, in light of the horrible life I have lived. The failed life I have lived. To me, there can be nothing worse than being unappealing to my creator. To be quite honest, there is a possibility that my Lord sees me not in “my” filthy rags of righteousness, but in my future glorified state, having accepted Christ. ( not withstanding, my probably being a “carnal Christian” at best) … Somewhere deep inside of me, I guess I know, that my only hope is to be found “in Christ” my redeemer, my only hope of eternal life with God. The rest of my life is, “wood, hay and stubble” to be consumed at the ‘Bema Judgment Seat of Christ.’ … Where the judgment will not be about salvation, having been secured … but judged on my works as a believer, just like all other believers.

So … We have our little short period on this earth. Who would have thought when we were kids, that we were going to be thrown headlong into a very serious matter. “Matters concerning good and evil, God and the devil, our choices determining spending eternity with or without our creator.” “Who’d of thunk?”, said a wise man, … Later, C. A. Mundingus. Hats off go an old but special friend Harrison C.

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