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More than likely, farewell to the dream of the five or so planned and hoped for volumes of my life’s work, to have been titled … “FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN”… Which is really the story of my life. The story can be found in my blog, littleraventhepoet.blog on WordPress. As of now, I am exhausted and my spirit is broken. I have lost the desire to put in the work needed to bring “my work” to completion. So, “THIS IS WHERE I’LL LEAVE IT.”

Of late, I’ve come to the conclusion and the revelation, that I have made more of my “writing self” than I ever should have. Call me “MEDIOCRE MOE.”

Here is what I will say, which is probably “in conclusion”… My writing was a three pronged attack … Poetry, (mainly early on, but continuing) … Political satire, (mainly of the last four years) … Biblical studies, ( pretty much throughout my forty three years of cumulative writing … “My poetry is what it is”, success remains elusive … Diving into the political arena has been a very troubling experience …The conduct and actions of our government, politicians and world leaders, is seemingly controlled by dark satanic forces, of which I’m tired of battling. My journey and experiences “are not some new development”… My spiritual battle has been going on since 1981 … And I do not feel sorry for myself … ‘In case you’re wondering’ … Because I have become a *”better man”, ( which is debateable) having experienced the whole thing, yet as I mentioned, I am exhausted in my spirit and body. Unless I get a touch from God, I think this will pretty much be it for my efforts.

I will leave my readers with a recommendation and comments should I not write from here out … In my humble opinion, I can say with strong conviction, that troubling times are ahead for the whole world. Don’t let anyone tell you that this world is going “to end” because it isn’t, ( renewed is probably a better term), however an “age” is going to come to an end. More ages are coming without end.

Finally? .. I will leave my friends with this comment and recommendation: It is my strong but humble opinion that if you want to really know what’s going on in these last days , please consult the following authors; Jonathan Cahn, … Michael Heiser… Erwin Lutzer… I sincerely believe that my desire and decline to continue writing had a lot to do with at least two of these three men… Cahn & Heizer. In short their revelations about God and “end time events” shook me to my core. These shook me so much that I found myself unworthy to stand upon their shoulders, even to tell of my own experiences. I have become so keenly aware of the evil in the world that it has literally made me ill. What I think is really going on, is that God is bringing me to the end of “myself”, and to total dependence on Him. This is where I “might” be of future use.

In an effort to not leaving you scratching your head as to what has mainly brought me to this point, I will share … Psalm 82… Read VERY CAREFULLY! :

Psalm 82 … God (elohim) stands in the divine assembly; he administer’s judgment in the midst of the gods ( elohom) *

Clue: Go to Michael Heiser’s book ( The Unseen Realm) immediately to pages 11- 14, “A must have book by the way.” You will find revelation knowledge … That goes something like this …” *The gods mentioned are not Jewish men. It appears that God ( Elohim), “who is like Him” has a council of “lower elohim” ( in charge of all nations, less Israel) in other words, our modern context is not the ancient writer and readers context.

So, to “fully understand” what I’m putting forth originating from others through Michael Heiser, you must study for yourself. This water is deep and perplexing. Also, I want to clarify that there is only one true God … YHWH, ELOHIM, What is startling is to learn that he has a council. I will cease writing until I have digested this in its entirety, Frank …

Something to consider, if you find yourself studying this revelation. God has chosen Israel as His headquarters, the Jewish people as His people. He has basically given over the rest of the world to the lower Elohim mentioned. Make no mistake, He has a plan to reclaim the entire world, but as for this age, this is how he has chosen to operate, please study on your own, you will be amazed. In my humble opinion, God does not even need the nation of Israel to bring forth his plan but He chooses to operate this way.


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