No hindrances, no ball and chain, no more struggle between good and evil, God and the devil.

I want to be the full measure of God’s original intention for me… I don’t want tears, I don’t want to think about loss, I don’t want to think about death. I want to dwell, be with, and keep those that I love with me forever, including animals. No more carnivores. The lamb will lie down with the lion, the child will play with the snake. At night when we stand on a high mountain in the “New Holy Jerusalem” and look out at outer space, perhaps, we can travel at the speed of light and go wherever we wish. I don’t want to have the curse of Edgar Allan Poe; as great as he was, he was haunted by the thought of losing everything/ everyone that he loved. The thought of the inevitability of loss and death haunted him, and most likely was symbolic in ‘The Raven’ that drove him half-mad. Being a writer, to my discouragement are the facts that writers like Oscar Wilde, Poe, and others died relatively poor. IMHO, eighteenth and nineteenth-century writers gave the world some of the best literature ever. Yet, it seems that some writers are so great, it takes the “world” a while to catch up to them.

I will be tickled pink, to be a part of the coming millennium, that is the 1000 year reign of Christ. I, like you and probably millions of others, am simply sick and tired of the nonsense, I want peace. I was telling my 13-year-old son as we drove home from Marshall Virginia to Chester Gap Virginia, on this, his last day of school, (7th grade) that the madness that is taking place in the world these days are just “evidence” that God’s Word is true, ( as current trouble is prophesied) because the apostasy and the evil have to come to a culmination for evil to be finally dealt with. Then the dreams that I have and the things that I have spoken of here; will be real and I will be unencumbered. What sayest thou, speak, pray tell … Cleetus Arillio Mungdingus ... How am I doing Frank? … DEATH WHERE IS YOUR STING?

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