Genesis 12: 1-3 … Paraphrased: God says he will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. The United States must stand with Israel. This is a sincere message to the leaders of the United States. It is also a message to the mostly demonic led Congress and Senate. I am a voice in the wilderness ( America) that you, our government have turned into a blossoming wasteland. All of you are just common flesh and blood but most of you are filled with demonic spirits, you don’t even know it because your minds are diluted. Most of you are given over to reprobate minds, there is little hope for you. But evidence of how you are handling the world’s affairs is prophesied by the word of God. Another thing that you are completely unaware of is that once Satan is done with you, he will kick your sorry carcasses to the curb. Then it will be too late, I feel sorry for the lot of you, but not too much … You all are pathetic and sorry excuses for human beings … Cleetus Amarillio Mundingus …

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