Background on Anthony ( Imaso- phucked Fauchee: First of all, it turns out that Mr. Fauchee has some Chinese in his ancestry. With that in mind, based on a recent survey, we chose some questions that most people would like to ask Dr.Fauchee.

#1– Yes, Dr. Fauchee, I would like to ask you if it is true that you have a closet full of German uniforms and a little Adolf Hitler moustache, and that you often dress up and play the role of Adolf Hitler. It is reported that you like to play the game “Twister”, and that you make all the other participants play naked with Wesson oil coating their bodies, while you wear your Adoph Hitler costume … Would you care to comment on that?

#2– Is is it true that you wear a big Western cowboy belt buckle about the size of a dinner plate because you have what is commonly known as little penis syndrome? … And that you actually get a thrill teasing women with your big belt buckle, but when your “dirty little penis” is found out, and a woman laughs at you … you quickly run screaming out of the room like a little schoolgirl. Would you care to comment on that?

#3– There is a rumour making the rounds across the country, that both your mother and father were circus midgets. Your wife once made the comment to a reporter that you get so excited when the circus comes to town, but she is scared to allow you to go, because on several occasions you have actually run off with the circus and have turned up missing for up to two weeks at a time. Would you care to commit on that?

#4– Yes, Dr. Fauchee, is it accurate about a story that your wife often tells on you, that goes like this: Your wife demonstrates as she hold up her forefinger and thumb to a dimension of three inches, while explaining that your biggest problem is, you think “this three inches is six inches.” Can you please comment on that?

#5– Donald Trump, in a recent news conference commended that you “Weren’t much of a doctor but are a good promoter, mainly of yourself. So, inquiring and intelligent minds that are found everywhere across America want to know; just how is it, that a person like you, ( an obvious wild jack ass of a man) with so much controversy in his life, managed to be placed in control of the Covid 19 situation, where so many lives were involved? Would you care to comment on that Mr. Fauchee? Story by Cleetus A. Mundingus.

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