I WAS VISITING my doctor today to follow up on some recent blood work and review my numbers. All went well with my blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure numbers. Steady as we go.

After going over my numbers, I told my doctor of some pain and swelling in my nose area … Mentioning that it might be my sinus area … He looked up my nose hole but could see nothing. Next, I went into another room for an X-ray. Some 15 minutes went by and my doctor came in to tell me the results of the X-ray. He said it looks like you have a tumor, As he held my X-ray up to the light for a closer look, he said that he noticed an insect’s leg protruding out the side of the dime-size foreign object. He left the room and came back in about 10 minutes with a silver snake-like medical tool, about six inches in length. It had what looked to be an LED light with a tweezer-like extension attached to it. He had me lay down on the table as he probed my nose hole. After about a minute or so of probing around, he pulled out a tick that was swollen with blood to about the size of a dime. My nose bled quite a bit and that was that. I quickly said to him, “Well I guess I’m glad it wasn’t a tumor.” He said, “All’s well, that ends well.” I have to say that it was a bit painful and a very stressful situation for all involved, the doctor, nurse, and myself. My 13-year-old son was able to observe from afar and I could tell he was stressed out. Upon leaving the building, my son grabbed a hold of my hand and says, “That was pretty gross Dad.” “I replied, ” How do you think I felt? … That was terrifying.”

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