Imagine life eternal, it’s easy if you try, no more death to sting us, no more tears falling from eyes … You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one … God has made certain promises, revolving around His Son …

Imagine life eternal, It’s easy if you try … The new holy city Jerusalem, descending from the sky … A 1500 mile cube extending into outer space … 200 million square miles … It will be quite the place …

So, think about it, John Lennon was a great songwriter and a great Beatle, but to me, his song “Imagine” is very dreary … There’s no God to believe in … Living John’s version of peace, sounds rather boring to me … But to each his own, God rest his soul …I won’t crucify John … He has passed on and cannot defend himself, so it wouldn’t be fair of me …

About Eternity, ask yourself, how might it be to live life as God originally intended? To go back to, or recover from the “Garden of Eden experience” and the fall of man, to be God’s representatives on earth as he intended. I believe as do many others more scholarly than I; that God intended the whole earth to be “Eden like” but that’s another subject.

So, maybe take a break from the Satanic chaos we are enduring here on earth. I assure you, things are going to get worse, as we enter the tribulation period, also known as “Daniel’s 70th week”… So maybe it’s time to do some homework and get prepared. If you disagree with me, that’s your freedom to do, but … I say, “Sleep on sweet Charlotte.” Don’t miss what I personally believe to be one of the greatest times to be alive on planet earth. Yes, trouble, death and destruction are coming, but evil has to be dealt with, so that we can move on ... Imagine …

IMAGINE ... Will eternity be long enough for you to express the deep love you have for your family, and them for you, with no fear of separation, ever? …wife, children, relatives, all loved ones, even pets? … I personally believe that being in fellowship “without the fear of being offensive to God, because of a “Fallen State” will be liberating beyond imagination. Like I said, the cloud of death will no longer be hanging over us. I think that the life we will feel inside of us will make us glow and seem radioactive. I say radioactive for lack of a better word, coming to me at the moment.

So go ahead and ... IMAGINE with your spiritual mind, instead of a bound up deceived earthly mind … This effort by Cleetus Arillio Mundingus, friend of Frank ... (Wink)

This cube is a poor illustration of what the “New Holy City Jerusalem” will look like … It is estimated that if a person stood many miles away, and observed this cube, they would not be able to see the top of it, which would extend into outer space … Imagine …

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