What, pray tell, are any of us really entitled to? … We are entitled to our God-given inalienable rights …We are entitled to a wage or other compensation for work and service provided to others. Under our legal system, we are entitled to a fair trial. We are entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty. We are certainly entitled to defend ourselves from foreign entities trying to cut our heads off as we are merely walking down the street. I believe we are certainly entitled to the comfort of our God-given skin color, without being harassed, harangued, labeled, stereotyped or other mistreatment. Skin color should never, never, never be used in determining the worth of a human being. I also believe we are entitled to a federal government whose main function is to protect our borders and the people inside of our borders. The government needs to protect what the taxpayer is paying for. The United States government needn’t think it is entitled to taxpayers money, especially since our current administration doesn’t seem to be able to manage itself out of a weak, wet, brown, paper bag.

So, are you entitled to this life that you have been “freely given as a gift from God?” Why should anyone feel entitled to being given a free gift? Seems to me, this current mode of Operandi, this world system, is completely upside down. Also, seems to me, that anyone who has studied human history through the ages; comes to the awareness that mankind is generally self-destructive. We are masters at worshiping the wrong gods, ( Elohim), and a “defeated, once hailed super being named Satan”) As a race, we are good at beginning a relationship with God and ending up turning our backs on Him for a myriad of reasons. Simply, particularly, study the Old Testament accounts of God’s handling of His chosen people and nation Israel. Then sincerely, having absorbed this history, humbly ask yourself, what am I entitled to?

I have found myself to be mostly of a thankful, humble, contrite, spirit. Having said this, I still struggle with “the world, the flesh, and the devil.” I also, though striving like most common folk for the comforts of life; have found that I’m not entitled to anything that has not been given me, or I have legitimately earned … As I say this, I turn and wink at our elected officials in Washington, D.C. … Sincerely, Frank …

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