This opinion ( based incompletely on my natural mind, but more importantly on my regenerated, renewed, enlightened, “God-given mind. Mind you, my gifts are “just that” GIFTS. Please know “that the reason God gives gifts to me or anyone else, is not necessarily for the person, but for the benefit and edification of others.

Here is my Litmus test ( also applied to myself) ASK YOURSELF, based on your life experience, education, and knowledge : “Are humans born more inclined to do good or evil?

The Jeopardy music is playing… ANSWER ACCORDING TO AT LEAST 50% of those surveyed … 50% say … “Humans are born more inclined to do good.” … the other 50% say…” Humans are born more inclined to do evil.” I say, believe, we are born spiritually dead, therefore more inclined to do evil … ( remember Cain and Abel?) What thinkers thou? … Frank

Note: What you think on this subject, is a big contributor to your belief system and worldview.

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