ANALOGOUS: HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY to compare the gift of life to a sit-down dinner. More important, is our attitude about our being given the gift of life while comparing it to an invitation/experience of a sit-down dinner.

As far as we know, each of us that has lived, or will ever live on earth, never requested/requests that life be given to us. This process (me thinks) seems to be from and of, a higher being than ourselves. Think about it, this whole business of life on planet earth. This creation of our solar system, and the universe, not to mention the miracle of all the spiritual, including human life; including the potential of eternal life, with our creator and each other.

Having set the table, let’s talk about attitudes. Whether given the gift of life or an invitation to an extravagant dinner, what should our attitude be? I say, whether we are living the gift of life, or enjoying a free dinner, our attitude (seems to me) should be one of Thanksgiving. ( who are we to say, ” this dinner sucks, this life sucks, perhaps we are the problem?) We are given freely the gift of life. We are often invited to the gift of free dinners ... especially in the free world.

The answer to these and many other questions can only be found in examining and acknowledging the ongoing darkness and depravity of the human heart and condition. In my opinion and many thinkers, scholars, historians and others greater than I, reveals; we as a race are caught up in the extreme “Pride of life, being disrepectors of God and life, lovers of self, we, being “literal self serving over expectant pigs” at the table of life that we view as our “trough of entitlement.” Strong words, I know.

QUESTION: Do we as a human race have much to brag about concerning the evolution of our understanding and respecting the condition of human life? To me we must ask and answer some of the age-old questions … Why is there so much evil in the world? Why do we have to experience death when we’ve been given such a wonderful gift of life? …Why do many governments around the world seem to hell bent on being “merchants of death.?” … Think on this, these circumstance we now find ourselves in on planet earth is evidence of the truth and prophecies of God’s Word.

Finally, if any of us think that this dark heart of stone is what God, our creator, originally put in us; we are ignorant of God and the Devil…WAKE UP! …. FRANK

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