What has 18 arms and 6 legs? … It’s called THE “D.C. POTOMAC RIVER BEAST.” THIS BEAST has three heads, ( Representing the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the government.) Three heads, giving it 18 arms, six legs, and three “all-seeing, so it thinks” eyes. In a spiritual sense this Potomac River beast’s arms can reach and influence any point geographically in the world.

In 2016, an outsider named Donald Trump delivered death blows to, two heads of the beast. But the beast would not die, and through trickery, figured out a way to survive and actually outst the troublemaker, Donald Trump … 2024 could bring about a second matchup between the outsider Trump and the D.C. beast.

Note: For all of its fame, the DC Potomac River beast lives in ignorance … Ignorance of the prophetic word concerning its place and power in “end-time events.” … the “beast” ( being manipulated by the current administration) has no knowledge or refuses to acknowledge; that it is following the “exact template, ( paradigm) that befell ancient Israel.” Also, most all, in the current administration are failing to identify the importance of America’s alliance to Israel, especially approaching these “end times.” The beast seemingly being unaware that those nations that bless Israel will be blessed, and those that curse Israel will be cursed … This is a major revelation that will be the downfall of the beast and all who follow.

New monument to be built in the mall area of D. C. … A tribute, a symbol, commemorating, honoring, our government, “THE D.C. POTOMAC RIVER BEAST.

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