Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday … Wait a minute, it’s not your birthday, Oh I know what it is … We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a … Wait a minute it’s June … June is not Christmas time, I know what it is, … Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are … calling … Wait a minute … We’re not singing Irish folk songs, I know what it is … Moon river, wider than a mile, Fred’s crossing you in style today … Wait a minute, that’s not it either … What is it? …Where is my frozen Thanksgiving turkey dinner? … wait a minute, It’s not Thanksgiving … Just why are we here at the “Soul Train” Restaurant, Anyway? ( What a peculiar theme for a party, “Soul Train“) … Oh well, yes! … Now I remember! … We are celebrating Fred’s retirement, He was a plumber for 143 years … I don’t understand how he did that … He only looks like he’s about 153 years old, (must have started young)… anyway, I almost forgot, I think he had a part-time position as music director, and took care of the band’s uniforms and equipment, at “Randy Bacon Military Academy”… I don’t know who Randy Bacon was, but he must have been important. Anyway Ned … I’ve been meaning to ask you, why you had all those posts on Facebook with a “bus” in the background … I guess it was for all of the toilets, bathtubs, copper, PVC, torches, and whatnot, and the band equipment that you would drive around with … I couldn’t figure out why you were taking all those busloads of people to places like Florida and all over the country when you went on a plumbing job? … people must really like you … So anyway Ned, we’re glad that you’re finally retiring, seems like you worked about five times as many years as the average person … but you know, to each his own … Hey Fred, I have an idea about what you can do with all those toilets, bathtubs, copper, PVC, etc, that you’re carrying around in your bus … Now that you’re retired, we can just strategically place them around your front and back yard … What do you think Fred … huh? … We’ll make some mountain modern art … You know, kind of in the memory of that sixties artist, Andy Wormhole… Thanks for letting us celebrate with you … Coy, Mizuho, and Ari’el ... See you soon, neighbor.

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