Mountain sun, mountain fog Mountain sun, mountain fog Do you know a man named Ed Richards? That’s who we’re celebrating today Ed now, is mostly bald headed. The hair that’s left is disheviled and gray. I think I know just what hapened RMA students made him that way mountain ice, mountain rain mountain ice mountain rain. Have you seen all of Ed’s degrees? You know that he replaced both of his knees Now he is walking so much better I’ve even seen him climbing in a tree

Mountain ice, mountain snow Mountain ice, mountain snow. So let’s celebrate the man we love, Ed Ricards I’m so glad of him, I know Now when he drives off in his beautiful truck, I’ll wonder where he’ll go … God-bless you Ed Richards … … Sincerely, Frank Payton … written this day, 6/19/21 Note: LYRICS, sung to the beautiful melody of SUNRISE, SUNSET, from the fabulous musical, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.

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