Or, can we say accepting our identities according to who “God says we are?” Or, do many of us even have the desire to question the mystery of our existence as a human race. It seems to me that many of us are happy to go endlessly and aimlessly, either accepting or unaware of having been born spiritually dead, and in need of reconciliation with our creator; content with whatever life throws at us. Then again, many are searching. I believe many are starting to see that we humans are mainly spiritual creatures, in a temporary flesh, blood and bone housing.

I genuinely think that a lot of people overcomplicate the things of God for weak, poor, misguided, immature reasons. I also believe that many are comfortable living in a natural world, thinking with a natural mind, and not venturing into anything that cannot be immediately proven by sight, sound, and tangible experience.

I would like to express my feelings about certain things that I deem as critical to a deeper understanding of life. I sincerely believe that a lot of people ( including myself at times) blame God for too many things that we as “lower creatures” simply do not understand, and have not taken the time to seek the truth about. So often many of us prefer the easy way out. It’s easy for many of us to think that we can work things out concerning spiritual things, ie: The possibility of having to answer to God about questions of eternal life and things like our fate, our destiny. Questions about good and evil, God and the devil, and many other things. Many of us think in error that because we are made in the “image of God” we are little gods. I assure you that we are not. I’m here to help some of you understand that we are incomplete, ( having been “made originally complete in the image of God”) then spiritually dead due to the fall in Eden. Yes, we “were” made perfectly in the image of God, that is, having been given an eternal spirit, given the miracle of consciousness ( Which is our Mind, Will, and Emotions ) and a body. These three parts to us humans, reflect the triune nature of God … Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Digest these things, and we might talk more later… Frank … As my inspiration comes, I will pass it on.

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