Go right ahead, listen to every sound that is available to the human ear, here on planet earth. Listen to all the wonderful sounds of nature, from the sound of a wave crashing on the beach, to the sounds of thymic drops as you sit motionless in the middle of a tropical rain forest … Listen to all the sounds of the animal kingdom … Listen to the rattle & hum of a train making its way down a track … The cry of a newborn baby as it is spanked on the butt and drawing it’s first breath … Sadly take in the sounds of “Amazing Grace” at a lost loved ones funeral.

Take in the violent sounds of gunshots in any big city … Wonder if lives will be lost over some unimportant trifling matter … Over some society strangling “race issue“… Over some politicians promise to give you a free education or something else and then three months later raising your taxes to some exorbitant level … Listen … listen … listen, until your head feels as if it will explode … Then come to the realization that silence is the “sweetest sound you will ever hear” … Find peace in silence … If you can calm yourself in silence, you will better understand every sound that you will ever hear … Frank …

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