A spiritual disease cannot be answered by cures rooted in other realms, political cures, economic cures, ideological cures. No such cure can stop the withering. A spiritual disease can only be answered by a spiritual cure. Apart from that, there is no hope.And so for America…” America was planted as a tree of hope. But if such a tree should cut itself off from its roots, then what hope is left. Then it has no choice but to wither away…

Study and discover what happened to the Erez tree ( planted in November 2003) at Ground Zero in New York … As in ancient Israel judgment has come to America and prophecy will be fulfilled … Please shoot me if you must, but, I’m just a messenger … Frank … Reference: Harbinger 2, Jonathan Cahn, pg 132 … comments by me ... ” Think on this my friends, if God did not spare His chosen people in ancient Israel from judgments; what makes us think He will spare America? … I am sad to comment on this subject, as sad as Jeremiah the ” weeping prophet”… Peculiar “thing” that I have learned about human nature, that doesn’t seem to change … “We” want to hear only good agenda serving news … Seems these days we want to believe in anything, but the truth … If you think I’m wrong, take a deep dive into our leadership in Washington DC and not only there; it’s like a disease spreading throughout the country … What God is waiting for, is our acknowledgment of our failure, ( out turning our backs on Him) … waiting for our repentance, and our return as a nation to Him as our first love … If we don’t … The withering will continue … Frank …

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