Using the Lexham English Bible ( Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2012)

Psalm 82 vs 1 — God [elohim] stands in the divine assembly; he administer’s judgment in the midst of the gods [ elohim].

The word elohim occurs twice in this short verse. Other than the covenant name, Yahweh, it’s the most common word in the Old Testament for God. And the first use of the word in this verse works fine. But since I know my Hebrew grammar, I saw immediately that the second instance needed to be translated as plural. There it was plain as day: The God of the Old Testament was part of an assembly — a pantheon — of other gods. How is it possible that we have never seen this before? … Reference M. Heiser, pg 1, his book, The Unseen Realm.

The search for answers revealed to Mr. Heiser that the ground we are exploring in Psalm 82, was a place where evangelicals had feared to tread. Mr. Heiser goes on to explain that “their” “scholarly evangelical answer” was very weak. Their position being that the gods (elohim) in the verse were just men — Jewish elders — Or that versewas about the Trinity. Mr. Heiser believed that neither of these could possibly be true. Psalm 82 states that the gods were being condemned as corrupt in their administration of the nations of the earth. The Bible nowhere teaches that God appointed a council of Jewish elders to rule over foreign nations,and God certainly wouldn’t be railing against the rest of the Trinity, Jesus and the Spirit for being corrupt. Frankly, the answers just weren’t honest with the straightforward word in the text of psalm 82 … Note: I (Frank, can lead you to the water, as M. Heiser has lead me, but you will have to take a further drink.

Further: M.Heiser says “My conscience wouldn’t let me ignore my own Bible to retain this theology with which I was comfortable.” This was the Bible, not Greek mythology. Reading Psalm 82 at face value simply didn’t fit the theological values we have all been taught. ( paraphrased pg. 12, The Unseen Realm.)

Ok ... Here’s the inference, the suggestion, the plainly stated truth and reality of Psalm 82, according to the Hebrew. There is no God like YHWH or ELOHIM … There are however scriptures that indicate the existence in heaven of a “lower echelon of Elohim” … A Council, if you will, that God had put in charge of nations, other than HIS PORTION, ISRAEL … DO YOU GET IT? This answers so many questions about the earth’s history of war and deception, confusion, and death. Why? you must be asking is this so important? IMHO & study … Back during “The Times of the Tower of Babel”, God got so disgusted with the level of evil that was taking place on the earth, that he disinherited all nations but Israel … So you ask yourself, why is Israel hated so much? … Because Israel is God’s chosen land and people, and the rest of the world is at war against it … All will be culminating soon in Daniel’s 70th week …THE TRIBULATION, study … it’s getting late … Frank…

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