So, I’m going to be quite “Frank” with you, based on experience and education. You might be asking who is “He”, and what am I going to say “He” didn’t do? … Part of my education in the past involved Liberty University and the study of Hebrew Archeology And History; which aso included other areas of biblical study.

So … I want to go back to Genesis and take a look at the creation account quickly. I want to ask a simple bald faced question : Concerning Adam and Eve; do you think that God-created two beings,that he intended to impose death upon? … PAUSE … Or… Is death allowed in God’s perfect will? … That is, because of the fall?

Know THIS: If you find yourself saying that “truth” is hard to get to and know, well sorry, but welcome to the club. Especially in this day and age that we live in, truth is going to be very difficult to find; one of the main reasons being, it’s not popular or much sought after … This is why “standards and believe systems” are important … More importantly than “what any of us believe” is “why we believe as we do.”

Know this also: The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has nothing to do with death. Death that is, in “this context”. Adam and Eve, we’re made in the image of God; that is, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Humankind were to be God’s representatives (*”imagers”, see Michael Heisers book,*THE UNSEEN REALM) on earth. The entire earth was to be “Eden like”… There is no death in or from God … He can’t even be around people that have touched a dead body … HE IS HOLY … study the O.T. stories…

Read Psalm 82 vs 1 and 2 in Hebrew and learn a revealing truth … ( you will only understand what I’m going to say, by reading the first verses of Psalm 82 in Hebrew.) God has a council of “lower elohim” that were the spiritual chieftains, put in charge of “all nations” less Israel. All nations but Israel we’re “disinherited” by God at The Tower Of Babel incident. God took only Israel as HIS PORTION ... PSALM 82 is about God chastising these lower Elohim for the horrible job that they have done with the world …

Learn THIS, it turns out that Satan is one of these lesser ELOHIM( of Gods’ heavenly council) and was not approving of God wanting a “human council” to represent Him and fill the earth … THUS THE ANCIENT AND ONGOING BATTLE CONTINUES … The battle is taking place in heaven and earth … More later, after you digest this and talk amongst yourselves about me being crazy … but you better be careful, this is REVELATION KNOWLEDGE … I will continue as the inspiration comes …Frank … Note If you are not ready for this deep water, my suggestion would be to study in Hebrew. English is ok … but studying in Hebrew is like using a magnifying glass … English does not accommodate Hebrew very well … Sacred truth has been lost or unrecognized through bad translations and transliteration’s, omissions, oversights, agenda-driven interpretations ( surprise, surprise)… Bye … for now …

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