... Would I be shocked and surprised, as we both climbed into your attic and explored your “treasure chest” ; tucked neatly, secretly away in the dusty cobwebs of a dark corner of your upper room ...Your treasure chest being, like so many, the kind you might find amongst the booty of a well traveled, successful pirate ...

Would your treasure chest be filled with gold and silver? … Would it be filled with jewels and valuable pearl necklaces, ornated bracelets, diamond rings, leather and such …?

Or would it be filled with what many would consider to be more mundane simple articles of life? … perhaps a diary, love letters, pictures of loved ones that have “Gone the way of the Earth” as we all must…( Ah ha! … “I am aware that some will not experience death in this life but will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and given a wonderful resurrected body at the rapture, but who might they be? me, you? no one knows … We can only speculate.”...

Yes, I will get to the point of my current thought processes … ( By the way these processes were inspired by a re-emerging friend in my life, named, Harrison) …

I know that we must leave this earthly realm and go on to the higher spiritual, eternal things … The lofty things that definitely have taken up a good portion of my devotion, research, longings, and time in my life… Oddly enough, I will take this opportunity to state what I will miss most about this ife … You may very well be surprised at the contents of “my” treasure chest …

Once open, you will find no gold and silver to run your hands through, no coins, no rings, no jewels, very little if any of that kind of item… What you will find are pictures of me with my dogs … As I have learned, that they have given me the closest thing that I can call “godly unconditional love” ( this type of love that makes me free and makes me blossom)… You will find pictures of my daughter ( Lauren) and (my son (Ari’el, my wife (Mizuho) and certain people of my past that have moved me a great deal… ( H.C, Linda, a few others) … These are the things that I want to carry with me into my continuing life, and I often wonder if it will be possible … I’m trusting in God to fully understand what my heaven might entail and need ( this sounds selfish of me?) I’m very sure he does know … Quite frankly, I can’t wait to go to my “long home”… Perhaps I can take some “treasures” with me … Frank …

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