Sometimes, sometimes, yes sometimes ... “Not to be”, seems to be more desirable than ” To be”… back to a “state of nothingness”... No awareness, no personhood, No consciousness, no memories, no past, present, or future … No concerns about spending eternity in either heaven or hell … No struggle between good and evil … No God or devil, just nothingness …

I mean it didn’t seem to be so bad before I came into awareness … Before I came into this death planet misery … Until I came into awareness … I didn’t know about man’s inhumanity to man … I didn’t know about the atrocities of two world wars … I didn’t know that the heart of even one man or one woman would accept killing a baby in a womb … And then treating the whole thing as a trivial matter … In a selfish manner … I used to view life as a gift, I’m not so sure anymore … Seems to me that the human heart is dark and gathering wool … The gravity of death pulls at me … Calls for me, desires me … Sometimes, sometimes, yes sometimes, I want to run into the arms of death, hoping for nothingness.. Frank

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