Some light has been shed on me since my last post … “Things Tend Toward Being Screwed Up.”...

Here is my struggle ... In my last post ... I spoke of ( indirectly) about people either being of a “spiritual” mind … or of a “natural mind”... or being “born again” or being bound by a natural “unborn again mind”… There is a difference, a big difference … as much difference as believing in Darwinian Evolution, as opposed to believing in Intelligent Design, concerning the origins and development of the human race ... Watching a debate between an Evolutionist and an Inteligent Design believer is very predictable … Those on each side clap and agree with the side that supports their belief system … And rightly so … And there are an abundance of stories about people changing their minds and switching their belief systems …

Here is my point … I have learned as many have before me …That a person can be sincere in witnessing or talking to an unbeliever about the gospel … However … If the Holy Spirit is not working in the person doing the witnessing and the person hearing the message, then all is in vain and there will be no fruit … The goal of the witness is either to be planting a seed, watering a seed, or harvesting the fruit of the work of your self or others … I have found that it is easy to be in the flesh and not of the spirit, and one should always be searching one’s self to be aware of drifting off in the snares of the world, the flesh, or the devil … It can be a very rough road to go … My own personal recipe for potential failure and disaster revolves around ( w/o getting into details) … Finding myself being of mostly spiritual mind … And being in ever-increasing conflict with the ways/ systems of this fallen world … which I am exhausted from, struggling with health issues that require medication that often intensify unnecessarily, everything including my already complicated warfare … I will continue with God’s help, I have found my self left for dead on the battlefield of this life, only to be supernaturally empowered to fight another day … Frank ... I sometimes will sound weak and defeated but that’s the nature of this intense struggle, the struggle FOR LIFE … THE STRUGGLE TO OVERCOME A LOT OF OBSTACLES INCLUDING MYSELF… AND OFTEN MAINLY MYSELF…

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