Further, especially lately, I’m trying to come to rational grips with “WHY” ‘troubling ‘ life seems to often come at me through others, and I perceive the situation, crisis, or person as being desperately inept at perceiving what is “going on around us.”... I often ask myself … as those involved including myself are “going through” the event, circumstance, or crisis ... “Do they sense the evil, the desperate attack, the confusion, that is almost being cast over us like some demonic spell?”… Could it all have to do with those involved either ( being of a spiritual mind or a natural mind?) … And from my perspective (my) being of one mind, and the (others) being of another mind, creating all kinds of chaos? ( chaos because of the gulf between our perceptions?) … And I feel totally disabled, depressed, my emotional meter stuck on 9.7… so it’s a very short trip to pegging out my emotional meter at 10 … Hating myself a lot of times, even blaming myself for the whole debacle … So … this is why I perceive a lot of things/people as being upside down, unaware, apathetic …” It ain’t easy being me”… Rodney Dangerfield … Thanks for looking in on myself psychoanalysis … Frank

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