In my studies, experience, and opinion, we earthlings have only scratched the surface as to who Jesus actually is. We have barely begun to understand who He was before becoming a baby in a manger. Myself included, I have found that we human beings are ( generally speaking and by nature) too self-absorbed, too selfish to take on or even go beyond being superficially concerned with our creator. I find it very peculiar that we worship what has been created and mostly neglect the creator.

Jesus, THE MESSIAH OF ISRAEL, is the fulcrum, upon which God’s plan for the restoration of Eden tilts towards realization. He is the center of the biblical epic. Jesus, was not an earthly man before he was born… Yahweh– THE VISIBLE SECOND YAHWEH, JESUS — has been part of the biblical story in the form of a man since Eden. It is this second personage who would, 400 years after the close of the Old Testament period, be born of the Virgin Mary as the human man we know as Jesus of Nazareth. He had to become a man to ensure that humanity, (God’s imager), is not erased from the Edenic vision due to his mortal weakness and invariable propensity to use his free will to attempt to gain autonomy from God … Ref: pg 267, M. Heiser, The Unseen Realm, (paraphrased.) more later, Frank …

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