This post will be risky … but I am willing to put myself out there for the sake of the kingdom of God …

I truly want a lot of you that are searching for God to understand a few things that you are more than likely unaware of ... Mainly due to the spiritual conflict that is going on, and all of the misinformation and spiritual deception going on … Do you care to know what it means to be a genuine Christian? … Well, I have some insight into that matter … Cutting to the chase, since my born again experience in 1981 and resulting manifestation from God involving the pouring of oil over my head ( I learned later it was an anointing) at a prayer meeting and then realizing I had been given the gift of evangelism and witnessing … I have felt a spiritually speaking “knife” at my throat that never leaves … Yes there is a relief, but the threat is ongoing … much happiness and learning has taken place … much light has come to the dark attacks in my life …To be quite honest, I want you to know that the enemy Satan and his cohorts have wanted me dead for many years now, actually since around 1981 … I have been attacked in my sleep many times… I have felt spiritual entities stretched out on my body as I slept, holding me down, sometimes choking me … I have been misunderstood, misquoted, harassed, harangued, and left for dead on the spiritual battlefield many times… I know I lost an important job one time, being called a religious recruiter when all I was doing was sharing my opinion with people that had asked me for it … But God has always led me out of the woods … And provided, yet the whole experience has adversely affected my health and mental condition … But as Elton John has so beautifully said “I’m still standing.”… So, don’t any of you think that being a Christian is a walk in the park, a day at the carnival or the circus, because it is not, and is an extremely dangerous situation … It has almost cost me my physical life and it could cost you ( if you ever believe), yours … Don’t believe all the hype and nonsense about Christianity … This belief system goes mainly misunderstood … Find out for yourself, if you’ve got the guts … Frank … There is an upside … and at the end of the day, I must say it is worth it …

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