Wait until the war is over, and we’re both a little older, the unknown soldier …

Breakfast is where the news is read, television children fed … unborn living, living dead, bullet strikes the helmets head ... And it’s all over for the unknown soldier … It’s all over for the ….

Company halt! …. Present arms! …( a shot is fired, as the camera focuses on Jim Morrison, tied to a cross like wooden stricture, he is slumped over, a large mouthful of blood spills on to the roses laying just below his feet … as he simulates dying…

Make a grave for the unknown soldier… nestled in your hollow shoulder … the unknown soldier … ah… ahhh…

The war is over! … Ref: JimMorrison And The Doors Of Perception...

Unfortunately or fortunately, this generation that is alive right now is called THE GENERATION OF THE FIG TREE ... if any of you care to know how late ( about to culminate) it is for this “current age” study THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE ( Matthew 24:32-35) … HINT: THIS GENERATION SHALL NOT PASS AWAY UNTIL … ( read the rest for yourself …. don’t get tripped up in how many different generations there are … there are only a few … either 40 years, 70 years or120 … So using these numbers calculate from 1948 [The year Israel became a nation again] and go out up to 120 years ( or somewhere in between) and where does that leave you … us? … 2068 max +- … Frank

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