Jesus would have to be the epitome of the weeping heart syndrome that has claimed many ... Let’s look at why … The creator of the universe, that literally spoke everything into existence, and without Him would be nothing/no one … In time, answered the call for the redemption and restoration of fallen man to God The Father… Through His sacrificial death on the cross … He came into His own creation and His created beings rejected Him … Talk about a spiritual conflict/battle going in heaven and earth ... Peculiarly funny about human beings … we have eyes yet don’t see, we have ears, yet don’t hear … there is much more to the picture than meets the eye … I have almost always thought so since my youth … H.C. here we go again ...

Now, you may not agree or get this, but it doesn’t matter to me, because I get it … Jim Morrison was a genius … He suffered mainly from a broken heart and the weeping heart syndrome … Michael Jackson had the weeping heart syndrome … Prince had the weeping heart syndrome … I would imagine Jimi Hendrix had it also … Janice Joplin, on and on … They weren’t perfect and no one is … I think all mentioned got to the point where they couldn’t take anymore … they gave all they had and were (in my opinion), shooting stars for a troubled world … There are many others I have not mentioned … deep inside we all know who they are … Frank …

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