Some of this might seem selfish of me, but I’m being honest and thinking out loud … so

If I had my druthers, I would be free of this flesh, blood, brain, and bone earth suit, more commonly referred to as this human body … This body being a complete marvel when we are young, and not so marvelous when we are old, and probably more ideal in middle age.

The problem with youth is ignorance and inexperience. We also have to spend most of it preparing for a means by which to provide for ourselves. Middle age is a little better in that we get to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor … Old age comes quickly and is horrible; if you are not prepared financially, it will ruin your golden years … No offense or real complaint to our creator God, concerning these earth suits, however, I find this earthbound, primitive, oxygen-dependent organism to be a ball and chain. Then again, I guess our creator (after the fall of man mind you) uses this physiological arrangement to test each of us; to determine if we are worthy of a deathless supernatural body. So here we are in the testing ground … I don’t see much other reason for us being here … I mean the chaos, death, and destruction, is just wonderful but you can only take so much of it … ( smirk) … So let’s shift gears for a minute … Let’s talk about time … There is no time or space as we know it when it comes to God … We, however, are caught up in a time, space, matter, continuum. God says that a human being appears as a blade of grass, only for a very short season, and is quickly gone … I sincerely believe that there are no weighing scales in God’s hands when a human being is standing accountable before his creator… I believe in a matter of a second or less God determines if the person has the blood of Christ covering his life or not … I believe the judgment will be that simple … And remember, we will go into a resurrection body, (when we die) to stand for either the “bema judgment seat of Christ” [ during the 1000 year reign of Christ] or the “great white throne judgment”[ at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ] because flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God, even if only for judgment … Frank …

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