The relationship I have with YHWH–ELOHIM has come down to this … Quite frankly, I do not want to offend God. Who sent you the most wonderful smile you have ever seen? … Perhaps you haven’t received it yet … One of my biggest fears is to be in eternity, and look over my shoulder at Jesus, and not see a smile … How wonderful it would be (to me anyway) to receive a smile of approval from my creator… Not only that but to have the opportunity to learn from Him, to experienced that unconditional love that is longed for by most of us (imagers) humans …yes, it is true that God has been working with a fallen man from the beginning, ie: Moses, Noah, the prophets, the disciples, all through history … [Noah, it is believed, drank too much] Moses felt he couldn’t be an effective leader… Seems God’s chosen vessels, some of them destined ones, the patriarchs, felt that they were too young, or slow of speech, or had some other flaw that disqualified them from serving God. I know in my own life, that the enemy Satan whispers in my ear, that I am not worthy to serve God. Fortunately for us as humans, God goes beyond outer appearances and looks upon the heart of individuals … Could it be that we might find relief and comfort in the following: In English, perfect means perfect, in Hebrew the word for ‘perfection’ is ‘maturity’ … Perhaps God is satisfied with maturity in his servants … The bottom line for me is not offending God, though I know I will many times before I die, I must strive not to ... Being exposed to the loveliness of Jesus, hopefully, will make us less offensive to Him and everyone … Frank … Lambs and lions can smile …

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