ARE WE HUMANS AS A RACE, SO deprived in our fallen state, so misguided, dull, unaware; because of our separateness from our creator? … Are we so lost in not knowing our genuine origins as a species?… Have we incorrectly assumed, deduced, been duped into believing, that the earth is not so unique, wonderful, miraculous, “literally spoken into existence by a God so powerful and seemingly unknowable because of His Holiness and not being able to tolerate sin?”... Are we so far removed and influenced by Satan and his fallen angels that we have accepted death as an original part of God’s plan?

So … I don’t know about you, but it seems we have limited but fairly extensive experience looking out, into outer space. My “rare earth complex” leads me to ask a very simple question: As beautiful and big as this universe is, where pray tell, is there another planet that comes as close to being as unique as the earth?… (And don’t try to tell me it’s because we haven’t discovered it yet.) … That may seem like a perfectly logical thing to say. but I don’t think so … Also, where are creatures as unique as human beings? … My studies have led me to believe that this supposed mystery about aliens from other planets has a simple answer. Look at Genesis 6: 1- 4 for starters. Then look at Revelation 12, then Ezekiel 1 vs 1- 20 to start with, it’s too involved for me to spell it out here …

So, as you may have gathered, my whole point is, I believe the earth is a very special, unique place, created by the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob …YHWH, ELOHIM …

Further thoughts for your consideration: Be careful of the tactics of our enemy Satan. Isn’t it just like him to try “by any means possible” to make human beings believe that the earth is not a special place given to us by God … And remember this is from a “lesser Elohim” who can’t create anything .. but trouble … Satan is our accuser and destroyer…

Imagine yourself as an entity capable of unlimited space travel … as an entity free of dependency on food from the earth … The whole point being capable of deep space travel …

So speaking of space travel for a minute … Imagine yourself and others traveling through space, maybe for years and years and years … And one fine day the earth comes into the view of your spaceship, as you enter the earth’s atmosphere and touchdown; you and your fellow travelers realize that you have never seen anything even close to what you are beholding, like this the oceans, the mountains, the trees, the absolute magnificence of the whole planet … the animal kingdom, the sheer perfection of the sun and moon in their function and effectiveness … And you realize that it’s all in a tiny little corner of the universe … And more than likely, you are experiencing “the rarest of earth.”

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