IN MY HUMBLE OPINION the most difficult thing for my human mind to deal with and have any suitable comfort with, is the concept of eternity. Specifically, the possibility of spending eternity with our creator in heaven, or spending it apart from our creator, with our adversary the devil in hell.

I can somewhat get my mind around an eternity with God. I have trouble understanding God’s plan for unbelievers. That is, what is believed to be an eternity of suffering, and being tortured in a fiery pit forever; in unending pain and misery, with the consciousness that you will never be in the presence of God, ever.

I guess God’s decision to inflict punishment on nonbelievers with eternal damnation is His right … I am absolutely in no place to come up with a better or more just answer for dealing with the problem of evil and unbelief; however, it would seem a good solution might be to just extinguish/end completely the life of the unbelievers and evil. Leaving these souls, as if they never existed at all. I imagine the problem is we humans are made in God’s image, in part meaning, that we have an eternal soul that will continue forever … Food for thoughtFrank …

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