Some time ago, as I was traveling through London researching the Payton family ancestry; I happened upon Jeremy Brett, the famous ( and my favorite) actor who played many, many, episodes of Sherlock Holmes. We enjoyed a couple of pints each and spoke of many things. Jeremy talked his way around to asking my opinion on, why the character of Sherlock Holmes was portrayed as being asexual. My response was as follows: ” My dear Jeremy, it seems the people involved in the production of the Sherlock Holmes series and movies; apparently wanted to portray ( you) Holmes as strictly shrewd and calculating. I think to involve love in the Sherlock Holmes character, would have involved an attribute in the human make up that Sherlock would have been uncomfortable with, namely, predictability ... love can be so unpredictable, and as so being, move the people involved in love, to near madness.” This is my opinion, Jeremy. He quipped, ” Pray tell, go on, my friend, Frank.” I replied, Ok, but let’s have another pint.”… Oh, Jeremy, are we to expect Dr. Watson? ( Edward Hardwicke)...

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